Bag Sewing Equipment bag closer sewing head Portable & Fixed type optional

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JOINAUTOMATION offers a variety of industrial-grade bag sewing equipment. Bag closer sewing head include Portable & Fixed type.

Portable, sometimes called handheld. Portable bag closer are ideal for low capacity applications or where a fixed sewing head is not suitable. Fixed closer sewing head are most used for automatic production packing line.


Industrial bag sewing equipment typically use either a #101 or #401 chain stitch to close bags.

The #101 stitch is a single thread stitch formed by a needle passing through the bag and interloping with itself on the underside of the seam. Portable sewing head normally use a #101 stitch.

The #401 stitch is a dual thread stitch formed by 1 needle thread passing through the material and interloped with 1 looper thread. Fixed sewing head normally use a #401 stitch.

For more information on bag closer sewing head, select one of the products range. Or contact us to receive more information about our bag sewing machines and inform us of your specific needs. Our packaging systems experts will then find the right solution for you.

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