Sewing Head Bag Closer DS-9C/GS-9C sewing machine

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The DS-9C/GS-9C sewing head bag closer can be used to close bags with either a tape sewn or plain sewn bag top. When closing bags of fine powdered product (such as flour) which requires a crepe tape closure, use the DS-9C/GS-9C sewing machine in combination with the Newlong CM4900-3(or DECHAO GM4900-3) infeed. Also can choose GP4900 infeed for edge folding. Both the sewing machine and the infeed require mounting to a fixed sewing pedestal.

Use the DS-9C/GS-9C bag sewing machine closer to close bags which packed with animal feeds, fertilizer, potatoes, grass seed, chemicals, coal, and wood pellets as well as sifting products such as flour and spices.

This bag closer provides a double thread chain stitch closure. The DS-9/GS-9 sewing machine can be used to close paper bags and poly woven bags.

Features as below:

Double thread chain stitch

Fully enclosed oil bath lubrication system – no need for daily oiling

High speed: max. speed can reach to 2700 rpm

Adjustable stitch length

Low vibration

Cylinder cutting system

Use with all kinds of bags


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Item # DS-9C/GS-9C Bag Sewing Head Closer