FBH-32D/42D/52D Automatic Heavy Duty Heat Sealing Machine for Plastic Bag

FBH Series Automatic Heavy Duty Heat Sealing Machine for Plastic Bag with high performance, high efficiency and continuous sealing thicker PE/ PP plastic bags, paper-plastic pomposite bags & aluminum-plastic composite bags.It is widely used in packaging of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, grain, feed, food and other industries.According to the different material, thickness and production capacity of packaging bags, the FBH-32, FBH-32+1P and FBH-42+1P models can be choose. Optional matching units are: bag mouth dust removal device, bag mouth trimming device and printing device, etc.

1. heavy duty heat sealing machine sealing effect:


2. heavy duty heat sealing machine work flow:


3. heavy duty heat sealing machine specification