Newlong DS-9C Throat Plate 104123

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Newlong DS-9C Throat Plate 104123

Throat Plate  for the Newlong DS-9C sewing machine. The DS-9C bag closing machine is used to sew paper bags of potatoes or poly woven bags containing animal feeds, fertilizer, rice, grass seed, dried beans, chemicals, coal, and wood pellets. The Newlong DS-9C sewing head can also be used to package sifting products such as flour and spices. 

Front feed dog and rear feed dog come up thru the throat plate to feed the bag thru the machine

A nicked up / scarred / cracked throat plate will prohibit the bag from feeding smoothly thru the sewing machine

Throat Plate for automatic infeed - there are several different throat plates for this machine, but this one is the most common.

DS-9C requires 1 piece 104123 Throat Plate

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